#BOTD: Bags by Designer Nicole Lee!

We’re BACK!!! And w fabulous handbags for you to fall in love with!

I have been a HUGE fan of Nicole Lee bags for years. I adore the high end designers–absolutely–but there is nothing like a super affordable yet “swaggy” handbag, sold in some of the world’s most well known retail stores!

We pay tribute to Nicole Lee Bags today:

20130703-105632.jpg (website unknown)

Prints are so the statement lately! She has amazing printed leather handbags that come in a wide variety of colors and styles!

20130703-105743.jpg (website unknown)

Danty much? Try this beautiful, floral, leather pink hand bag! Perfect day date bag, or to attend a wedding!

But Nicole doesn’t stop there…she also has:

20130703-105913.jpg (website unknown)

LUGGAGE! This crispy orange is an attention grabber! Durable and will last fashionably!

The Gucci’s, LV’s, Chloe’s, Birkin’s and Chanel’s are all wonderful bags and I have three out of five of these designers…however a Nicole Lee bag will get just as much attention as another! It’s all in how YOU rock it!

*post submitted by Lauran, Creator of B&B


MakeUp Tip: Highlighter Tips!

Art of Application

Highlighter Tip #1:

Highlighter should be applied to the top of your cheekbones. It draws the eyes upward. Applying highlighter in this fashion also highlights your bone structure and provides a more radiant face. In locating your cheekbones, place two fingers side by side under the outer corner of your eye. This exact area is the top of your cheekbone. Have fun with highlighter but don’t go overboard!

Highlighter Tip #2:

Did you know that you can use a Q-tip to apply highlighter to your eye area if you don’t have or can’t find your eye shadow brush?! Highlighter can be applied in three central areas: the inner corners of your eyes, your cheekbones (as described in our previous tip “Art of Application – Highlighter #1”), and under your eyebrows. If using cream or liquid highlighter, use a small amount and blend it into your skin well using your ring finger. A little highlighter goes a long way to achieve a radiant glowing face.~xoxo #VVC


(Products shown are from the Vixen Vice makeup line)

*post submitted by Rena Frasure, CEO of Vixen Vice Cosmetics and Contributor to B&B

New To Bloggers & Bags!!

We are elated to announce…

Bloggers & Bags will soon sell bags! We are officially a full fledged business!!

Details coming very soon! We will provide you w the Instagram account info for viewing and ordering. Invoices will be sent to you via email at your request of the bag of your choice!

*we will not sell knock offs of any kind

Until then!

Lauran, Creator of Bloggers & Bags

Makeup Tip: Quick Remedy For Dark Circles!

Quick Remedy – Dark Circles

Did you know that wearing bright gloss will shift attention away from dark circles?

(Photo via stylecraze.com)

Playing up other features of your face will redirect attention from your bothersome areas. Bright gloss is super fab!! ~xoxo #VVC

(Example of bright pink gloss via 123rf.com)

(Example of bright green gloss via cutoutandkeep.net)

*post submitted by Rena Frasure, CEO of Vixen Vice Cosmetics and Contributor to B&B

DIY Beauty Tip: Your Homemade Beauty Regimen!

DIY Beauty

Whoever said maintaining a beauty regimen has to be expensive was soooo not telling the truth. I’m the Queen of All Things Frugal and I know how to create a beauty regimen on the budget and now you can too! Below are a few tips and tricks on how to get a GREAT beauty regimen for a relatively low price, using ingredients you already have at home. If you don’t have these items, go out, buy them and after you make your product you can use the rest to cook a good meal.

Enjoy lovies and see ya at the TOP!


Body Exfoliator:
Use one part brown sugar and one part milk

Scalp Treatment:
One part Safflower oil and one part Sunflower oil

Lip Scrub:
Petroleum jelly and raw unrefined sugar

Surf Spray for Hair:
Dash of salt and water

Relaxing Bath:
One part Rose water and one part Coconut Milk

Pre-wash Treatment for Hair:
Warmed olive oil

Sensitive Skin & Redness Remedy:

One part yogurt and one part honey

*post submitted by Natalie Reed, DIY Beauty Guru and Contributor to B&B

Bloggers & Bags + Purses By Swagger = Purse Party!

My blog Bloggers & Bags hosted a Purse Extravaganza w Purses by Swagger, a handbag company that I frequently acquire new bags from, and the party was a SUCCESS! There was fun, food, music, plenty of shoppers, and more importantly, HANDBAGS GALORE!

Check out my finds!

Well, I’ve grown quite fond of the color orange/rust…and I am very aware that there is an large, orange tote bag in my inventory. However, I just don’t think a lady can have too many bags!

This small, orange tote was a must-have:

(Satin scarf previously owned by me)

A “quick-grab” bag…running out to the grocery store, picking up the puppy from the vet, or going for a simple shopping trip…grab & go is my aim!

I also picked up this beautiful raspberry envelope clutch:


Perfect for date night, weddings, dinner parties, or the salon! The conversation will be around this eye-stealing piece…that and whatever shoes accompany the ensemble of choice!

I did purchase one additional bag, however I had to order it due to the overwhelming demand of the bag…as soon as I acquire same, you all will be the first to see it! This bag? SUPER STUNNING!

Catch me later!!
Don’t blink or you’ll miss something!

*post submitted by Lauran, Creator of B&B and That Trendy Man

For info on where to find Purses By Swagger, stop by here!

Style You w “I’m Ready Now”


Soooooo comfortable and fun, right down to the Halle Berry cut…stay tuned for the #BOTD Highlight!

Check back w us this afternoon for more on that Burberry bag in this set!

*post submitted by Lauran, Creator of B&B and That Trendy Man

MakeUp Tip: The Art of Foundation Application!

The Art of Application: Foundation

Foundation and tinted moisturizers are applied using the same method. Using a makeup sponge put a little foundation or tinted moisturizer on the sponge and blend it all over the face. Making sure you apply it on the eyelids and underneath your eyes. On your cheeks and forehead foundation should be blended outward toward the hair line in a straight motion. Then, blend and buff down the nose and neck for a perfectly blended finish.
~xoxo VVC



*post submitted by Rena Frasure, CEO of Vixen Vice Cosmetics (Chicago IL)

Meet Jacque M 528 and the Amazing Spiked Clutch!


Jacque Martin is a Chicago native and founder of Jacque M 528, LLC. Created in 2011, Jacque M, 528 includes POPLife Jewels by Jacque Martin, Jacque M. Professional Style Consultants, and Jacque M. 528 handbag line. Jacque M 528, LLC is operated out of Dallas, Texas, but services clients in Chicago, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and is rapidly expanding.
She is a luxury handbag designer & celebrity wardrobe stylist who specialize in handcrafting quality yet affordable leather accessories. Jacque M. learned the importance of craftsmanship, and turned raw materials into amazing products.
Jacque M. has managed to leverage her job as a celebrity wardrobe stylist to cross sell her unique handbags, custom denim leather & spiked jeans & denim leather & spiked jackets. Jacque M. 528 has currently been seen on celebrities such as DJ. Spinderella, Michelle Williams of Destiny Child, Gipp of the hip hop group Goodie Mob, and Derek J. from the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Jacque M 528 has even been spotted in Reality TV Magazine. Jacque M. 528 & POPLife Jewels by Jacque Martin has also graced the red carpet of the Grammy Awards, Oscars, Essence Festival Red Carpet, Billboard Music Awards and many more.
Kicking off 2013, Jacque M 528 launched Build-A-Bag Mixers to create the Ultimate Fashionistas Night In experience for the fashion forward.What better way to speak fashion than hosting an unforgettable mixer and customizing your very own signature clutch, tote, or messenger bag that exudes Luxury, Class, & Style, while enjoying the company of friends, family and colleagues in the privacy of your home, office, or swanky venue.




These are only THREE of her amazing bags…

Visit the Jacque M 528 Collection and choose your signature clutch!